Pine Island City Study - Eleven Deficiencies

The following are excerpts of a letter from:
The Florida House of Representatives
Government Accountability Committee, Local, Federal and Veterans Affairs Subcommittee
September 25, 2017

to: Joseph M. Mazurkiewicz, Jr., BJM Consulting, Inc.

The study for the proposed municipality in Matlacha-Pine Island appears to comply with 11 of the 22 statutory criteria required for incorporation. The study appears to be deficient in the following areas:

Pine Island - Matlacha Inc. Not On 2018 Ballot; Lawsuit Must First Be Resolved

On September 28, 2017 Florida's State Representative met with Noel Andress, Roger Wood and Michael Dreikhorn from the Greater Pine Island Civic Association along with their consultant, Joe Mazurkiewicz of BJM Consulting, and made the first request for an incorporation bill;   UPDATE

Members Request Accountability from the GPICA

In a letter to the Board of Directors and Officers of the Greater Pine Island Civic Association, dated January 8, 2018, members; J. Michael Hannon, Karl Deigert, and Leo Amos requested documents relating to the following 3 of a total 14 subjects of interest referred to therein:

(Begin excerpts from the letter:)

Pursuant to Florida Statute 617.1602, as members of the GPICA we request that the following records of the Association be made available for inspection and copying at 9:00 a.m., on January 25, 2018, or such other time as may be agreed upon in writing.


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