Body Found In Bokeelia Home

The body of 77-year-old Chester Oclair was found in his Bokeelia home on July 26, 2010.

Two bail bondsmen found a decomposing male body in Oclair’s home, sitting upright on the couch, neighbors said they hadn’t seen Chester Oclair in four months.

The bail bondsmen had come to the house to hunt down Oclair for skipping out on bail.

They pushed open a garage door, according to a sheriff’s report, and found the decayed body surrounded by dead flies.

When deputies arrived, they recognized the medallion and ring the man wore, the report said. They’d come into contact with Oclair frequently, taking him into custody five of the eight times he’d been arrested in Lee County since 2003.

Most recently, Oclair went to jail after deputies say he funded a prostitution racket and patronized the enterprise as well.

Neighbors said they would see prostitutes frequently scampering in and around Oclair’s 1,800-square-foot house.

Lee County sheriff’s deputies turned the body over to the medical examiner, who will conduct an autopsy to determine the identity and cause of death.

Oclair was originally from New York, where two children and an ex-wife still live, property records show that Oclair bought his two-bedroom house in 1998. Neighbors described Oclair as intelligent and enterprising, though he caused them quite a bit of grief over the years.