Ceitus Boat Lift/Barrier Boondoggle

      Attached is the latest and hopefully final package from the Ceitus EMA Group. Although presented as a Group proposal, it's actually a Cape proposal. The Cape proposed environmental package (as an alternative to replacement of the barrier) continues to be a boondoggle. The only change of importance in this package is that several additional state agencies are asking for a piece of the (proposed to be diverted) escrow funds that are set aside for replacement of the barrier. Even so, under this proposal, the Cape would continue to get the lion's share of the escrow funds to maintain city-owned properties.

Here's what happens next.

     By 17 August: Each of the 19 stakeholder organizations are to meet and vote and send a letter stating whether they approve the NEB package or would prefer to rebuild the barrier at  a more northerly location. I think all 11 environmental stakeholders will vote to rebuild the barrier, but several of the Florida state agencies will vote to approve the Cape package.

       Lee County commissioners will meet on August 10 to decide their vote.

       The date of the Cape Coral City Council has not yet been set, but since they are on vacation in July, I expect the vote to be in early August.

Phil Buchanan

(editor's note: The first link below is the letter to stakeholders from The FCRC Consensus Center describing next steps and instructions for finalizing the NSEMA process.)

FertilizerOrdinanceSupportFeb 23.pdf
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Final_Proposed_Text_Sec_4_ 6-22-10.pdf