GPICA Dissents Ceitus Barrier Decision

The Greater Pine Island Civic Association has joined in the dissents to the Cape Coral plan to do nothing about the excess fresh water, situation, and pollution being dumped in Matlacha via the missing Ceitus Barrier on the North Cape Spreader Canal. The GPICA was one of the original environmental petitioners and thus holds one of the 19 stakeholder votes on the Environmental Management Agreement (EMA) Committee. So far, eleven of the 19 stakeholders say they will vote against the Cape plan and for reconstruction of the Ceitus Barrier with a lock. Three stakeholders (Phil Buchanan, GPICA and the Snook Foundation) have already submitted their final vote. Lee County Commissioners will decide their vote on 10th of August, and all of the other stakeholders within the next few weeks.

Other Pine Island organizations and individuals, even though they don't have a formal vote, should submit their views to the County Commissioners, the Cape Coral City Council, DEP, SFWMD, USFWS, CHNEP, and others that hold a stakeholder vote. Their emails are listed in the courtesy copy listing to this email. Please send you views to those organizations and insist that your civic association, chamber of commerce, or other organization do the same.

Phil Buchanan

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