Kiwanis Award 2010 Scholarships

On June 4th the Kiwanis Club of Greater Pine Island proudly presented 9 of the 18 scholarships awarded for the year 2010.  Like in years past we invited all the students and families to Breakfast.

From left to right; Thomas DeSantis, Joshua Cox, Brandi Schulte, Rachel Cicoria, Danna Bernal, Scholarship chairman, Tonya Player, Caleb Davis, Daniel Carballo, these students were awarded the Kiwanis Outstanding Citizenship & Academics Scholarship, Miranda Gagliardi was awarded the El-Don Outstanding Literature & Academics Scholarship. The El-Don is a new scholarship being awarded to a student that is accelerating in Literature. Lucas Whitaker was awarded with the Skip Schwartz Outstanding Science & Academics Scholarship.

Since 1979, The Kiwanis Club has awarded over $200,000.00 in scholarship to the Pine Island youth for furthering their education.  “Pine Island is so blessed to have such great kids” said scholarship chairman Tonya Player.

From left to right; Megan Coite, Alyra Memoli, Stephanie Nevadinsky, Stormie Futch The Kiwanis also sponsors Waterfront Workforce Day, where the Kiwanis members work at Waterfront Restaurant, located in St. James City. The members and volunteers bus tables, tying off boats and shucking oysters. For the last two years this event has had a pirate theme with a costume contest and treasure hunt. All who attend enjoyed the great food by JD and good service given by the Kiwanis members.  The owners JD and Gina Hollway always make a donation from the days proceeds to the Kiwanis Club scholarship program. This year the Kiwanis raised $2000.00 from this event.

From left to right; Megan Coite, Alyra Memoli, Stephanie Nevadinsky, Stormie Futch The Kiwanis members work very hard holding different events throughout the year. Taste of Pine Island’s biggest events, which is held annually in January, at Phillips Park at Pine Island Center, also held at the Taste is the famous chowder cook-off contest and Fish Drop Raffle. The Fish Drop is where 2500 brightly colored fish are dropped from a crane and the fish that lands closest to the target wins a grand prize of $1000.00, second closest is $500.00 and third is $250.00.

From left to right; Jacob Holzapfel, Kaitlin Smith (Winner of the Tom Grabowski Business Award), Zack Kibbe, Samuel Williams.They also raised $2500.00 by selling the Kiwanis Tervis Tumblers; the Kiwanis ask local Pine Island artist to donate a work of art to the Kiwanis so they can have a patch made for the center of the tumblers. All of these events make the money for our scholarship program. The Kiwanis Club of Greater Pine Island was very proud to present all of these students with a $900.00 Citizenship & Academic scholarship equaling a total of $16,200.00 for the year of 2010. The final 9 students will be awarded scholarships on June 11th., at 7:30 am at Bert's in Matlacha.

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Kiwanis Scholarship Awards Part 1

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