Lee County Plans Oil Response Meeting

The second meeting of Pine Islanders to respond to the oil disaster will be on 25 June at 3 p.m. at the Fisher's of Men Lutheran Church (a few hundred feet south of the four-way stop).

The first meeting was on 4 June at Woody's Waterside Restaurant.    It was called by Eric Zeiloft and served as the organizational meeting.    Julie Simpson and myself were asked to help coordinate.    Julia has established, courtesy of Anole Computers,   a very helpful website at protectpineisland.com.

The 25 June meeting will feature speaker Jerry Campbell.     Mr. Campbell is the Chief of Planning for Lee County Public Safety and he will outline Lee County's planned response to the disaster.     We also plan to ask the Matlacha Pine Island Fire Department to send a speaker to report on their recent special oil spill training session and other preparedness measures.

Our third speaker will be Julia Simpson, who is serving as our volunteer coordinator as well as liaison with numerous Pine Island organizations.    She will outline her volunteer procedures and other activities, including the critical work that needs to be done.

All Pine islanders should attend this very important meeting.    Please be there and, if you can,   register with Julia as a volunteer. 

Phil Buchanan