Monday Music: Bringing a Community Together - Through the Joy of Music

The Brothers Van Kirk, with our band “Strange Arrangement” we are seeking a grant or funding to expand the “Monday Music” program, which encourages working individually, as a group and as a family to solve problems “through the joy of music.”

Warren & Gregory Van Kirk, are using a unique approach to teaching and exploring music and sound. This program creates an environment that both seasoned musicians and inexperienced new comers can participate in together, by using interactive sound and music as basis for problem solving.

“Monday Music” is an Interactive Educational Experience. Each class of six week sessions gives every student the opportunity to explore a selection of instruments in their own creative way. Our Educators motivate and encourage each student to find their unique musical talent. Our instructors also believe that there is no standard teaching method and will work individually and in groups to encourage creative musical exploration. A typical session may start with a father bringing his son, several teenagers, and our staff. At the end of the session the father has picked up a drum stick, the teens are working with the younger students and as a group and their musical creation has been turned into a song. Members of our community, “through the joy of music” have learned to problem solve. What does the instruments do, how do the sound I’ve created relate to the other sounds, how can my dad and I play together? “Monday Music” is a “Free” weekly community event that brings neighbors together to share in music.

“Monday Music,” (Bringing a Community Together through Music) is actively looking for supporters to help make this program a reality for everyone, including those maybe a little less fortunate. We hope that you will consider supporting this amazing opportunity to help others, where they could find something that might change their life forever, “Community and Music.”

Budget: seeking Sponsors .... Contact Warren : for sponsor info @ 941 855 0265
Statement of Need:
“Monday Music” will hold classes on Pine Island, but our students will be from all areas of SW Florida.
As most of you already know a lot of school music programs have already been cut, often cited by School Board Officials as a necessary due to shrinking budgets. Many people have never had the opportunity to explore music in a free creative environment. Often things like budgets, time, learning disabilities and fear of no musical talent have prevented students from engaging in music. Statistics demonstrate that music will improve academic performance. Our goal is to provide the setting, the tools, and knowledgeable instructors who will help students reach their desired musical understanding, experience the joy of music and learn to work collaboratively with people of all ages.

Program Description:
The Brothers Van Kirk’s, “Monday Music” project will enable at risk, special needs, and people from all walks of life to engage in and interactive educational experience. Music will be the basis to improving reading, math, creative thinking, reasoning, motor skills and self-esteem. Students will participate in both traditional and free music think and exploration.
Each session, experienced musicians will share their wisdom while creating opportunities that allow each student to reach their own realization that music can be a tool to handle life. Music will provide a unique perspective that allows for alternative thinking.
“Monday Music” will use study guides that will help with reading, comprehension and grammar. "Coming Soon" Our Audio, CD’S and Video lessons of traditional and non-traditional music theory will provide visual and auditory learning opportunities. These study tools provide a hands on curriculum – we value active participation from all students regardless of prior musical experience. Musical expression is an art, its math, its communication and its connection to others.
Students will be able to ask questions, discuss progress and explore hands on in both a group and one on one session.
All Instructors will receive training on the program we have outlined below, with special emphasis on our goals and objectives.
Our program will encourage students to bring school work with them, as we believe our less restrictive environment and emphasis on musical expression will help improve reading, math and writing performance.

Goals and Objectives:

Monday Music’s goal is to provide a “Free” Interactive Educational Experience enabling any one access to basic music tools, instruments, and talented music (musicians) instructors to bring a community together through the joy of music. “Monday Music” will provide the tools and mental confidence to understand and explore music while interacting and developing fundamental academic and social skills.

Create a community of music that improves individual and group well-being.
Each student will gain life skills through trial and error of music exploration.
Preserve and promote musical ideals.
Enable access to instructors, instruments, study guides, audio and video lessons.
All participants will Learn, Apply and Create.
Provide the tone, atmosphere, and tools that foster individual growth and continued learning in a less restrictive and secure environment.

Six week class will be one Session - Eight Sessions per year
Week #1
Note Duration, Major Scale, 6 Note Whole Tone Scale, 5 Note Pentatonic Scale, Chromatic
Simple Counting, Brain Game & Listening, Music Synergy
Week # 2
Note/ Sound/ Noise/ Pitch/ Vibration, Chord, 3, 2, 1 Note Chords, Simple Counting, Brain Game
Week # 3
Accelerando, Crescendo, Canon,
Week # 4
Song Lyric / Creation / Where, How to Start ? Scale/s, Call and Response, Counting , Brain Game/s
Week # 5
Reflection Week 1-4, evaluation/s in student’s progress and program, Answer Questions, Explore
Week # 6
Features a special guest speaker or specialist in their craft.
This class is musical collaboration of unique original material created by students and instructors.
Letters of Recommendation:
From Our Hearts, Inc June 4, 2015
PO Box 356
Matlacha, Florida, 33993

To Who It May Concern,
This letter is on behalf of Strange Arrangement.
This will provide just a small example of playing time that they have donated to our Non- Profit over the past few years. We are a 501c3 non-profit raising funds for the uninsured so that we can provide mammograms to any Lee County resident who resides in our 5 zip codes and qualifies under our guidelines. For more information on us please visit us at or call 239-233-7437.
They have played in every OktoberBreast (except for 2014) that From Our Hearts has held. They have played at least 1 hour to 3 hours each time. Our OktoberBreast started in 2010 therefore they have played in 5 of them.
They have played at BreastFest for the last 5 years that I know of. I'm sure they have played in prior years however; I don't have the records to research that. They play for 1 to 1 and 1/2 hours during BreastFest. They always get our crowd going with their great playing and high energy performance!
Strange Arrangement has made every effort possible to support us in our mission. We always look forward to their performance. They are an asset to Pine Island and deserve any help you can give them.

President of From Our Hearts

Comments & Testimonials:
I live in Bonita Springs, me and my 2 kids, Pamela 9 years old, she loves to play piano/keyboard, she is learning a lot, she plays Christians sons and we hope she can play in the church band. Enzo is 11 y old and he has Autism, he is just getting used to the environment, he loves to play the drums. We think Monday music is great brings family and community together, we enjoy this program and would love to see it continue to grow ...They are very happy and looking forward to go there every Monday. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this event.
Petrucia, Pamela and Enzo
Mark Drew
Thank you guys for being so creative and more importantly, patient with us amateur musicians.

Thank you for your consideration, we are willing to offer a free workshop to your organization and/or assist in other community events as we develop a working relationship.
Let's bring a community together “through the joy of music.”

Warren Van Kirk / Special Education Coordinator Monday Music
Home: 239 283 8356
Cell: 941 855 0265
4443 Berkshire Rd
St James City Fl 33956