One Objection to Dollar General

Dennis Wood, an engineer working for Dollar General, conducted a meeting on Pine Island to present their plans to build an outlet on Stringfellow Road next to Boat Lift US. Pine Island is largely deserted this time of year, and only about a dozen people attended the meeting. Only one person objected to the building of the facility. No one had any objection to the variance for less parking than is usually required.

 Several people objected to the columns being round instead of square (like most Old Florida buildings hereabouts), the dormers, and the fancy roof design on the sides (not hurricane resistant or Old Florida). Mr. Wood said they would make the columns round, get rid of the dormers, and change the roof to hip roof.

 There was also much discussion about the need for additional unspecified actions to try to make the building more Old Florida and less big box. Mr. Wood said they would take pictures of the Old Florida buildings in that area and provide them to their architect.

 By: Phil Buchanan