Pine Island Legion Is Going To The DOGS

Nothing screams commitment more than the American Legion, Post 136 of Pine Island's Auxiliary!     You only have to attend their meetings and hear their finalcial reports to realize how little money they really have.   That is because of all of the money they donated to Veterans and their families and local charities of Pine lsland and the Americal Legion.    

They are now tying to raise some money by sponsoring "Dog Races" on Sunday nights from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM.    Come join your friends and pick a dog of your choice and while the dogs are running, you can enjoy a hot dog and krutmade your way.     You have as much of a chance to win a few dollars as they do.    The difference is that the money  that they raise is guaranteed to help someone, some family or some charity.

4106 Stringfellow Road
St. James City, Florida 33956