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17,000+ children and teens are treated for lawn mower injuries each year. The Story

Cape Coral Government view Disputed

A recent Breeze Corp. article promotes the Cape Coral Government view that replacing the Ceitus Barrier would be bad thing for the environment and is not supported by science. Actually, the opposite is true. As you can see from the following articles below, practically every environmental scientist in SW Florida agrees that the Barrier must be reconstructed to stop the flow of excess fresh water,  pollutants,  and siltation into Matlacha. Note that no one agrees that the Cape proposed alternative actions are acceptable.

In Favor to Replace Barrier, 2010-09-21;
At the Charlotte BOCC meeting Phil Buchanan, Rae Ann Wessel, Kathy Malone, Buddy Doll, and Rick Lauber spoke in favor of replacing the Ceitus boat lift. The Charlotte County Commission voted unanimously to replace the boat. lift. http://news.caloosahatchee.org/docs/Charlotte_County_100921.htm

Oppose NEB Package, 2010-09-14;    
“I do not agree with the proposal [NEB package], and I feel I must oppose it” - this is how shoredrive residents urge the Lee County Commissioners to cast their NSEMA Stakeholder vote. See their explanation. http://news.caloosahatchee.org/docs/Replacement_of_NSC_Barrier_100914.htm

Lee BOCC 5-0 for Ceitus, 2010-09-14;     
Lee County Commissioners voted 5-0 to replace the Ceitus boat lift, thus disagreeing with Cape Coral that voted 6-2 the day before to not replace the structure. Leo Amos &  other residents documented extensive damage caused by removal of the lift. http://news.caloosahatchee.org/docs/Lee_BOCC_5_100914.htm

Damage in Matlacha Shores, 2010-09-01     
Since removal of the Ceitus Lift, waters in Matlacha Shores are being polluted with greater sediment loads, as shown in aerial photos. Residents assert that oyster beds & sea grasses are being destroyed as a result of the sediments & other loads.

CHNEP Not Convinced, 2010-08-31;
Shoreview Drive residents thank Ann Thomas for speaking at the CHNEP meetings and representing the interests/concerns of residents advocating the need to replace the Ceitus Boat Lift. CHNEP voted not to replace the barrier. http://news.caloosahatchee.org/docs/Ann+Thomas.pdf

Cape Coral Calls This Pristine?, 2010-08-26;     
Once, the Cape Coral's freshwater canals provided a picturesque image and supported a variety of wildlife. Today, many of them are virtually lifeless and packed with aquatic weeds. The reason - excess nutrients from fertilizers and septic tanks. http://news.caloosahatchee.org/docs/Infestations_100826_2.htm

Citizen Input to CHNEP, 2010-08-25;     
Shoreview Drive neighborhood residents attempted to advise the CHNEP Policy Committee to vote in favor of replacing the Ceitus Boat Lift barrier on the Cape Coral Spreader Canal system. Shoreview Drive is where the flow discharges to Matlacha Pass. http://news.caloosahatchee.org/docs/CHNEP_Policy_Committe_100825_2.htm

Protest Ceitus Delay, 2010-08-22;    
Phil Buchanan writes in opposition to the continued delays by Cape Coral and DEP in concluding the EMA process. What was to be a 1 year process is now at 2.3 years and counting. The outcome of the Ceitus Boat lift vote is known, but delays continue. http://news.caloosahatchee.org/docs/Buchanan_100822.htm

Majority Vote for Ceitus, 2010-08-11;     
A majority of the 20 stakeholders have voted to reconstruct the Spreader Canal barrier: Andress, Audubon, Buchanan, Calusa Land Trust, GPICA, PURRE, RGMC, Riverwatch, SCCF, Snook Foundation and Watershed Council. http://news.caloosahatchee.org/docs/Vote_for_Ceitus_Barrier_100812_2.htm

CRCA Votes for Spreader Canal, 2010-08-10;     
On Aug 4 directors of CRCA-Riverwatch voted unanimously that the Cape Coral proposed NEBs were an insufficient substitute for a properly managed spreader canal system with a boat lift or lock near Ceitus. Upland water management is also essential. http://news.caloosahatchee.org/docs/River_Watch_CEITUS_Letter_100810.doc

Dissent to Cape Coral Plan, 2010-07-14;    
Four of the 19 stakeholders have already submitted their final votes on the Ceitus issue. The dissents of the GPICA and Phil Buchanan are provided below. Eleven of the 19 say they will vote against the Cape plan and reconstruction without a lock.

Spinning Science-based, 2010-06-18;    
Judge Alan Gold will hold a contempt hearing in October against EPA and Florida for failing to comply with phosphorous limits in the Everglades. Florida and Congress are circumventing the EPA using the term "science-based" to again slow the process. http://news.caloosahatchee.org/docs/Miami_Herald_100611.htm

Cape Officials Not Serious, 2010-06-07;    
Cape Coral did not take the EMA process seriously. The NEBs package submitted to Lee County is the maximum they say they will support. It is not supported by many of the non-profit environmental stakeholders to the EMA. http://news.caloosahatchee.org/docs/PhilBuchanan.htm

EPA Accused, 2010-04-15;    
U.S. District Judge Alan S. Gold threatened the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency with contempt of court in a ruling Wednesday that accuses the agency of ignoring Clean Water Act requirements in Florida's Everglades. http://news.caloosahatchee.org/docs/judge_threatens.htm

Bill Byle Open Letter, 2010-04-06 ;    
Over the last 18 months of regular and subcommittee meetings, Bill Byle, Environmental Specialist, concluded that most of the stakeholders who support leaving the dam out of the Spreader Canal are basing their position on two very flawed premises. http://news.caloosahatchee.org/docs/Spreader.pdf

Ceitus Boat Lift Removal Issue, 2008-05-06;    
Information related to the Ceitus boat lift removal in Cape Coral has been posted for public access and review. The documents include consent orders and amendments, water quality studies, reports and surveys, and others. The controversy continues. http://crca.caloosahatchee.org/?do=ceitus_boat_lock

Phil Buchanan
email: coolcherokee@comcast.net    


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