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Hurricane Irene Hits Long-Time Pine Island Residents

Renee Futch reports from her home in Pamlico County, NC, "I just want to tell everyone we are fine. A bit shook up. We lost everything that was outside, Garys truck went under. There is a lot more to the story but I have to talk to our kids first. At least we are alive. But our nieghborhood was lost."

Long-time Pine Island residents Gary & Renee Futch now live in Pamlico County, NC which is 30 miles north of Atlantic Beach, where Hurricane Irene came ashore at 10:52 AM Saturday, morning August 27, 2012.

At 5:00 AM Renee said, “We just had a funnel go over. I wish the sun would come up so I can see more. Things are hitting the house & water is up past our steps of our home.

Our sheds and greenhouse is under water and trees have fallen on several homes in the area.”

The Futch family lost electric at 11:00 PM, Friday night. Renee reported at 6:00 AM, “We are still here thank God.” The full brunt of the storm had not yet hit. Time of the map is 11:22 AM and indicates where the Futch family lives. Wind speeds at the center of the storm are approximately 80 mph sustained.

The Renee reported at 10:45 AM, “we are still here, we now have 9 ft. of water in our yard.”

The "More Bay - Mason Bay" image shows the water inlet from the Atlantic Ocean (on the right side of the image). Arrow again shows the approximate location of the Futch family. Fox News reported that Hurricane Irene forced about 14 foot of water into the inlet.


Where's the broadcast media on this?

Based on the popular media coverage, e.g.,...no coverage, you wouldn't know that thousands of people in this region were hit so hard. 9 to 14 ft of water would normally attract attention. "I wonder" who's ox would be gored by the proper coverage it deserves?


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