Little Known Facts

  • Temp Extremes on Earth's surface on 7-20-2016!
    These ARE "everyday" & NOT Record Temps!
    Iraq: 126deg. F.
    Antartica: -91deg. F.
    217 deg. spread
  • Sea Levels in Pineland have NOT gone up 1 inch in
    50 years - But
    the Atlantic Ocean,
    150 miles away
    has risen 3 feet?
  • The Dollar's Value IS Tanking!
    '92-'05 ~ $400 oz.
    2011 - $1800+ oz.
    The Gold Story
  • Money Isn't Counted in Venezuela, It Is Weighed:
    10-31-16; Wall
    Street Journal,
    1 Doz. eggs, $150

In 1757, Lomonosov fathered the theory crude oil originates from biological material. The Story

Little Known Arab Facts
The Story

The REAL “Cellular Therapy” Story
The Cell Story

Read: Climate Change "Consensus" a Fallacy

Read: Astronauts Object to Global Warming "Crisis" Assertion

17,000+ children and teens are treated for lawn mower injuries each year. The Story

Lee County Patriots

Meet District 1 County Commission Candidates - The four Republican candidates for Commissioner for Lee County District 1 will be on Pine Island on Friday, August 6.      Lee County Patriots will host a Candidates’  Night at 6:30 PM at Fishers of Men Lutheran Church,   10360 Stringfellow Road just south of the four way stop.     The candidates will speak about their experience and qualifications.for serving on the Commission and take questions from the audience.

In 2010,   three challengers are seeking to unseat incumbent Commissioner John Manning,   who was recently appointed to the seat by Governor Crist.

Chris Berardi Chris Berardi is running for commissioner because he believes a conservative voice is needed in our county government.     Chris believes in the principles of lower taxes,   less spending and smaller government.      As Commissioner, Chris will focus on reducing spending  (Chris states he is the only candidate who has reduced a government budget),   attracting private sector business to create jobs,   and keeping Lee County safe.     He believes the county must lower the proposed tax rate and focus on core services.      Chris has served on the Cape Coral City Council (2007) and on four Lee County Committees since 2007.     He is a Deacon with Faith Presbyterian Church,   serves on various Boards of Directors and is an Eagle Scout.

Robert Chilmonik Robert  “Bob”  Chilmonik has served two four-year terms as a School Board member.     He has built a reputation as a strong advocate for financial and educational accountability in Lee County schools.     He started his business career working for large multi-national corporations including Nabisco and Heinz USA in management and headquarters operations positions.     Bob is married to wife Cheryl and they have two daughters,   Kathryn and Kimberly.     Bob has served on the Lee County Republican Executive Committee as Technology Chair for over five years.

Mike Jackson Mike Jackson has lived in Lee County since 2003,   when he started work as Cape Coral’s Economic Development Director.     In that post, he won several national marketing awards for promoting Cape Coral and Lee County,   and generated a return on investment of $100 for every dollar of his budget.     Before that,   Mike owned a corporate communications company in Chicago and,   in his first career,   he was an NBC news correspondent and then a Chicago TV anchor and reporter,   where he won three Emmy Awards.     Mike wants to serve the people of Lee County at a critical time when budgets need trimming and a new economy needs to be created.

John Manning John Manning was recently appointed by Governor Charlie Crist to fill the seat vacated by the death of Commissioner Bob Janes.      John was born in Boston,   MA but has been a Cape Coral resident for 30+ years.      For the last 10 years,   John has been a consultant with Malcolm Pirnie,   Inc./  InfraMetrix where he assists cities and counties in Florida solve their environmental and infrastructure challenges.       Prior to that,   John spent 28 years in the Corporate benefit consulting business.      John has served two terms on the Cape Coral City Council.    Three terms on the Lee County Commission and is a past President of the Florida Association of Counties.

For more information or to reserve seats for Candidates’ Night,   please telephone Kathy Jones at 239-283-2074 or email info@leecountypatriots.com

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In 10,000 years no one ever sacrificed their arms, their legs, their family or their life for "progress."

Speaking of Iran's crude nuclear bomb technology and inaccurate delivery systems, "If I were the (west bank) Palestinians, I'd be a little nervous." --John Wohlstetter, a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute
"Goodbye, my beloved friend. A great voice falls silent. A great heart stops. " --Salman Rushdie (On the death of Christopher Hitchens, Dec.,16, 2011)

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