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Lee County Plans for Pine Island Center Park Again, Meeting on July 30th, 2013

A brief history on the Proposed Pine Island Center Park:

Funds were raised for this park in the late 70’s and early 80’s by Pine Island organizations and interested residents. Events such as walk-a-thongs, special dinners, etc., were held to raise funds for the development of this park. Funds were given to Lee County with the agreement Lee County would match the amount of funds raised. Construction on the park never started and the funds were never returned to Pine Island. This park would be near the already existing Lee County run baseball fields, pool, library and Island museum. Pine Islanders used this area for a landfill before BFI and Waste Pro were contracted by the County for garbage removal. If Lee County were to go forward with the proposed park, the county would have to remove all of the otherwise hazardous materials that is now present in the ground and possibly leaching into the ground water.

(News release of 7/18/13)
Lee County intends to reveal their plans for a new park at Pine Island Center on 30 July. Drawings for the park will be on exhibit at the Matlacha Community Hall from 4 to 5:30 p.m. that day. The plans are very controversial because they may include destruction of the sole remaining native pine flatwoods upland parcel in Pine Island Center.
The property is the 40 acres west of the Methodist Church and south of Phillips Park. The county purchased it many years ago and about 8 or 10 years back proposed that the entire 40 acres be bulldozed to build ball fields and related facilities. Pine Islanders were unanimous in rejecting those plans, preferring instead to preserve the unique habitat and use it only for hiking, wildlife viewing, ecotourism, etc. Lee County promised to do just that.
Nonetheless, last April, the County proposed that much of the pine flatwoods be razed to create open areas that would be available for commercial rental for large events, plus pavilions, bathrooms, parking lots, and paved trails with an overlook near the water. Again, Pine Islanders overwhelmingly rejected the plans, and made it clear that we did not want open areas, bathrooms, parking lots, or even pavilions. The county promised to redo the plans, and we will get our first look at the new plans on 30 July.
In announcing the 30 July event a few days ago, Lee County said that the plans would still include all of the facilities Pine Islanders have repeatedly said they did not want (and in fact already have right across the street at Phillips Park). Since that announcement, numerous Pine Islanders have emailed complainants to county management. In responding to those emails, county officials have said they will revise the plans to eliminate the open spaces and bathrooms and greatly reduce the paved areas. This is the third time they have made such promises—will they follow through this time?
We’ll find out on 30 July. Please be there and share your views.

Phil Buchanan
3861 Galt Island Avenue
St James City, FL 33956
email: coolcherokee@comcast.net

(Letter to the Lee County Board of Commisioners of 7/17/13)

I'm concerned that the County Staff is considering, for the third time, bulldozing the 40 acres of native pine flat woods in Pine Island Center and I strongly urge that it be given more attention than the simple "show and tell" scheduled for 1 1/2 hours on July 30th at the Matlacha Community Center. It seems that the plans for this property are pretty much finalized in Staff's mind with a 2014 target for commencing construction.
This plan had been previously abandoned by Staff on two occasions after strong, negative feedback from the Pine Island residents. And, in many minds, Pine Island's previously voiced preference that any improvement to this acreage be restricted to walking paths and a waterside observation platform. No bathrooms. pavilions, parking area or open space. Any changes should focus on environmental recreation and tourism. The residents did not want unwanted and senseless destruction of their disappearing native assets.
I suggest that a more formal meeting be scheduled so that Staff can present to the public, and the BOCC, the rationale for their proposed project, and respond to questions such as:

1. Why would County money be used for a locally unwelcomed project when Lee County is being financially challenged?
2. Are the commercial interests involved in this decision planning to use the park for future large events? What events/who are the sponsors? Is this use considered more advantageous to Pine Island residents than retaining the natural beauty of the island?
3. Is this project a contract awarding exercise vs. a valid response to a proven need? What makes up the consensus that caused the Staff to again pursue a project previously deemed unnecessary by the involved residents?

These are some of the initial questions that pop to mind and I can only assume that there is more discussion, pro and con, regarding this project. It is far more important than a simple "show and tell" meeting now scheduled for July 30th, and is worth the review of the BOCC before proceeding with the project and committing County funds.
I look forward to your responses and hope that the need for a more focused, public meeting be scheduled in the near future to discuss the merits of the County Staff's proposal.

Ron Lueth
8283 Main St
Bokeelia FL 33922
(Answer Letter of 7/18/13)

Good afternoon Mr. Lueth,

Thank you for sending us your comments regarding the 40 acre parcel located on Pine Island. I want to reassure you and the Pine Island Community that Lee County Parks and Recreation will preserve the natural habitat of this parcel. We will be removing exotic plants from the premises, and it is our intention to preserve the native pine flat woods. As we have discussed at the last public meeting, in which we garnered the requests and desires of the community, we plan to provide only trails, benches and possibly small shade structures. We are required to comply with ADA and therefore must provide parking spaces and a hard surface trail. This does not mean that the entire trail system will be constructed with a hard surface, but only that in which is designated as the ADA compliant trail. The large open space area has been eliminated from the plan as requested by the community. The purpose of this park is to be a passive park. The natural setting of the area and our current plan does not allow for this parcel to be used for festival type events.

I hope this email reassures you as to our plans and to our commitment to our community. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,

Dave Harner
Lee County Parks and Recreation
239-533-7408 - office
239-229-0721 - cell
239-485-2300 – fax

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