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Pine Island Presents: The Sean Chambers Band, Live from the Long Island Blues Warehouse

09/09/2011 7:30 pm

TAMPA, FL – Blue Heat Records announces a September 20 release date for the exciting new CD from The Sean Chambers Band, Live from the Long Island Blues Warehouse, distributed nationally by Burnside Distribution. The new album was recorded live on March 22 before a lively audience in a recording studio atmosphere, which generated superior audio quality for the disc. Backing Sean on the live CD are his longtime bassist Tim Blair and drummer Paul Broderick, with special guest Gary Keith on harmonica.

The new album’s ten tracks include mostly originals, (Posteralong with Sean’s distinctively searing takes on “Full Moon on Main Street,” a highlight song from an early album by The Kinsey Report, as well as a blistering version of Elmore James’ “Dust My Broom,” which recalls Johnny Winter in its approach. There’s also a brand new original song, “Hip Shake Boogie,” that is making its first appearance on any Sean Chambers album. The remaining seven tunes come from Sean’s three earlier albums, although most of them, with the exception of the two songs from Chambers’ last critically-acclaimed 2009 CD, Ten Til Midnight, have not been widely heard until now. Included are several fan-favorite songs, such as “Strong Temptation,” the title track from his first album; “Crazy for Loving You;” “Too Much Blues;” and the album’s powerful closer, “In the Winter Time” (both from Ten Til Midnight), in which Sean pulls out all the stops on his guitar work.
Tampa/St. Petersburg-based Sean Chambers’ last album generated the kind of critical buzz that’s been building since his first release. “Chambers’ brand of blues is a no-frills blend of Chicago, Texas, and Delta styles, played with an understated sense of ferocity. Sean came to wail, and he does so with a transparent sense of devotion and scholarship to the music he plays so well,” wrote Mark Uricheck in Living Blues.
Sean Chambers toured with the legendary Hubert Sumlin as his guitarist and band leader from 1998-2003 and did several tours throughout The U.S. England, Ireland, Canada and the UK with Hubert. Britain's own Guitarist magazine named Chambers as one of “The Top 50 Blues Guitarists of the Last Century.” After his tenure with Sumlin, he performed three more tours throughout England on his own, and in 2003 was asked to headline the prestigious Maryport Blues Festival there.
He was featured twice on “The House of Blues Radio Hour” after releasing his first album. His second album, Humble Spirits (2004), was produced and engineered by industry veteran Bud Sneider (Allman Brothers Band, Gov’t. Mule), and featured several special guest artists, including Bernard Allison, The Toler Brothers and the late Bruce Waibel.
When Ten Til Midnight was released in October, 2009, it garnered rave reviews and also appeared on the Living Blues chart for the first three months after its release. It received steady airplay in 45 states around the U.S, as well as many markets overseas. The title cut was featured on “The House of Blues Radio Hour” as a “Blues Breaker;” and the album also generated significant airplay on Sirius/XM Radio’s blues channel as a “Pick to Click.”

The Sean Chambers Band will celebrate the release of Live from the Long Island Blues Warehouse with a series of special CD release shows listed below. Sean is booked by the Jo-Ann Freda Agency. Radio promotion for the new CD is being handled by Rick Lusher.
For more information, visit www.seanchambers.com.

The Sean Chambers Band
September 9th
Doors Open at 7:00 PM - Show Starts at 8:00 PM
Froggy's Bar
3620 Stringfellow Road
St. James City, Florida 33956

Get your ticket NOW $16.50

Pine Island Show is Sponsored by: • Froggy's Bar • Coastal Gigs • Two Fish Inn • Brents' Music • Stone Gate Bank • York Road Marine

Other dates and shows for The Sean Chambers Band CD Release Show
8/26 - Ace’s Lounge- Bradenton, FL
8/27 - The Alley - Sanford, FL
8/28 - Earl’s Hideaway - Sebastian, FL
9/1 - Englewoods on Dearborn - Englewood, FL
9/2 - Chef John’s Blues Bistro - Jupiter, FL
9/8 - Aja Wiregrass - Wesley Chapel, FL
9/9 - Froggy’s - St. James City, FL
9/23 - Ringside Café - St. Petersburg, FL

Additional dates forthcoming….

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