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  • Temp Extremes on Earth's surface on 7-20-2016!
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  • Sea Levels in Pineland have NOT gone up 1 inch in
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  • Money Isn't Counted in Venezuela, It Is Weighed:
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Winners Announced for the MangoMania T-Shirt Artwork

Around 30 members and guests attended the Great Pine Island Chamber of Commerce monthly card exchange held at 3105 Stringfellow Rd, St James City, FL 33956.

This month’s card exchange was hosted by Craig and Staci Stevens owners of Monroe Canal Marina. Craig is a Pine Island native with years of marine experience - including Knotty Native marine services. Monroe Canal Marina is a family friendly, full-service marina with a passion for excellence and a vision for the future of St. James City, Florida.

Staci had put together some horderves, appetizers, fresh fruits and a selection of wine, beer, water and soft drinks for the guest.

The card exchange was also a kickoff party to introduce this year’s Mango Queen, Summer Dooley and showcase the winners of the MangoMania T-shirt Artwork Contest.

The winner of the adult contest was 64 year old Mark Purmort of St. James City. Purmort created a bright and colorful drawing of a mango, presenting a bright sunny day for the people who attend MangoMania.

Every year the students at Pine Island Elementary School draw special entries for the MangoMania kids artwork contest. This years winner of the Kids Artwork Contest was 11 year old Ava Williams a resident of St. James City, Florida. Purmort and Williams were awarded the winners prize check from the Chamber. The winning adult artwork will be printed on the official MangoMania t-shirts and sold at the event and Chamber office after the event; you will also be able to buy the shirt online after June 22, 2016. Checkout the Official MangoMania website at www.MangoManiaFL.net. Ava Williams artwork will be printed on a select number of Kids t-shirts also on sale at the event and Chamber building.

Queen Summer and her dad Mike was in attendance at the May card exchange, Summer was born and raised on Pine Island. She comes from a commercial fishing family of three generations and five generations in Lee County. Summer will be traveling throughout the Lee County area promoting MangoMania, the Chamber’s popular summer festival and celebration of Pine Island agriculture, mangoes and other tropical fruits. From mango scented soaps to the amateur and professional food contests, can be found at this annual event MangoMania “It’s all about the Mango”.

It was good to see new faces at the card exchange. Longtime island business owner, AJ Watson from Watson’s Surveying and his wife attended the card exchanges. Welcome AJ it was good to see you again. Members of the Chamber are encouraged to bring guests and new businesses to the monthly card exchanges. Card Exchanges are held the third Wednesday of each month and are normally hosted by members of the Chamber. This is a great way to promote your business and services to the rest of the businesses on and around Pine Island.

As members and guests arrived they place a business card in a basket. Later these cards are used for door prizes and business of the month. Congratulations to the winner, Jay Johnson from Island Exchange Reality, located at 10530 Stringfellow Road, Bokeelia, Florida 33922. for winning this month’s Business of the Month. Jay will have a nice display at the Chamber office.

Other members and guests cards were pulled and door prizes were awarded. Bottles of wine, spices, island flags, t-shirts, jewelry, printing of 1000 full color business card and so much more are samples of some of the prizes given at card exchanges. The Chamber would like to thank all of the business for their donation of prize used at the card exchanges.

For more information on becoming a member of the Greater Pine Island Chamber of Commerce or upcoming events call: Jennifer Jennings, Executive Director at the Chamber office: 239-283-0888

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