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Woody's Waterside Pub Host Robert N. Macomber Newest Book Release


Special to Pine Island News

Award-winning Pine Island author Robert N. Macomber will be having the official book launching of his 11th and newest novel in the Honor Series, Honors Rendered, at noon Saturday, Nov. 23, under the coconut palms and giant chickee hut at Woody's Waterside Pub in St. James City.

The South Pacific-themed party starts at noon and continues until 6 p.m., with non-stop live music, a real southern pig roast, fresh seafood and tropical drinks.

The book launching party is expected to attract Macomber's loyal readers (known as Wakians, from his main character Peter Wake) from all around the state and the country.
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The South Pacific theme reflects the locale of the story, for this year's novel is set in the 1889 war confrontation between the United States and Imperial Germany over Samoa. Macomber spent seven years researching and writing the book, making all the voyages and visiting all the islands in the story, and finished the project while living in Samoa last year.

"This is the story I've wanted to tell for 20 years," he said. "My readers will steam and sail across the Pacific to Hawaii, New Zealand, New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Samoa, learning a fascinating part of our nation's history, that most people don't know."

"Honors Rendered " was released in September, and the author is currently on a 41-event book tour from Maine to Key West. Initial reader feedback and critical reviews agree that this is his best work yet in the series of naval intelligence novels.

The author described what it's like on book tour.

"Having fun with my readers really energizes me and makes the traveling hassle worth it," he said.

That energy revs to a high pitch every year when Macomber has his annual book party at Woody's to celebrate his newest work. But this event isn't just about having fun. Macomber, who does consulting work for the Department of Defense, is a strong supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project, which helps our wounded troops coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan. A week before the book party each year, he donates a dollar to the charity for every book he thinks he'll sell at the gathering. This year, that adds up to $300.

"These troops are our brother and sisters, sons and daughters, moms and dads, and we need to help them all we can," Macomber explained. "I hope I can serve as a reminder to my readers--please don't forget our guys and gals who volunteered to serve in harm's way for us, and come home hurt and needing some help."

As for the upcoming party, the island author is ready and able.

"I have a lot of reader parties around the country, but the best one of all is the one at Woody's each year," he said. "It's more fun than you ever knew you could have at a book event!"

For more about Robert N. Macomber and his work, visit: www.robertmacomber.com/.

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